Bum a Buck, Get Some Fries

Bum a Buck, Get Some FriesTimes are tough all around. Banks are stingy, businesses are watching their bottom dollar like crazy, and people suffer the brunt of this. What are you to do when you just need a bit of coin to get by for the week? You could hit up one of those payday loan services, but then you would be paying an outrageous interest rate. You could go to the bank and attempt to get a small loan. Here are some better ideas.

One of the easiest things to do is stop eating out. Sure, that dollar menu at your favorite restaurant might be a grand idea, but it takes its toll on your wallet slowly. For the same amount you would spend on that dollar menu over two days, you could get a loaf of bread, some lunchmeat, and some fruit or veggies. Sure, it is not as easy, but the price per meal is cheaper and it is healthier for you in the end.
Next up is to do a rotating lunch with your friends or co-workers. At first this might seem like somebody will get shafted, but if worked out well this can be a very useful way to get a free lunch. You will need to work out the places of eating, who pays when, and try to keep the same amount of people going every time. Once this is established, one person will pay for lunch and the other take advantage of that hospitality. Remember this when it comes to your time to pay.
If you need more than lunch, you could barter your time for a few dollars. You might think this to be foolish, but you would be amazed at how many people are willing to pay a few dollars for a bit of work. Just ask around your circle of friends, or co-workers, if anyone wouldn’t mind the use of your services. Manual labor is the easiest thing to trade for a bit of change. Trading your skilled services works out even better. No matter how you shake a stick at it, this can be the easiest burger you have made.
Lastly there is the bumming a buck method. Nobody really likes this because it is so hard to do, especially for men. This is just simply asking someone for a bit of cash to get by until your payday. This is much better than going to a loan place as a loan from friends or family will usually be interest free. Keep the asking to a minimum and you could be surprised at how willing people will be to snag your lunch or put some gas in your car. To sweeten this deal, make sure you pay them back as soon as possible. If you can, give them a bit more as a way of saying thanks.
These are just a few suggestions to help you in these trying times. It might always look like the grass is greener on the payday loan side of the fence, but there are often ways to keep from jumping the fence. Payday loans have their place, but that place is in a far away land.

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